Green Wonder Pro-Seal-8 oz

Green Wonder Pro-Seal-8 oz Image

Introducing Pro-Seal
Professional Paint Sealant
The Professionals choice for maintaining a better than showroom finish on your vehicle.
Green Wonder Pro-Seal bonds with the finish of your vehicle giving it a deep mirror-like finish that lasts up to 5 years & reduces surface imperfections such as webbing and fine scratches.

When applied to the car’s exterior painted surfaces, and aluminum, chrome or alloy wheels,

Green Wonder Pro-Seal:
• Reduces frequency of car washing.
• Resists damage from sun oxidation and paint fading.
• Repels dirt, grease, hard water spots, tree sap & overspray.
• Repels brake dust build-up.
• Protects against rust, salt & ice.

Green Wonder Pro-Seal was created for the aerospace industry to protect the worlds leading aircraft.
Pro-Seal is a unique anti-corrosion sealant developed to provide the finest permanent protection available for painted surfaces, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome and alloy metals.

Use only once, Never Polish your car again.
The Professionals choice for a showroom finish!

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