Asphalt Sealer Water Based 5 Gallon Pail

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5 Gallon Pail
ASP-WB is a water-based penetrating sealer and internal treatment for asphalt pavements. It is engineered using a special blend of emulsified modified water based asphalt binder that is UV stable and modified with several moisture- insensitive silicone-based compounds that have multi functional active groups. Although, ASP-WB provides the surface of treated asphalt pavements with an excellent water-repelling property due to the presence of the silicon compounds, it features a low viscosity and low surface tension compared to conventional asphalt cutbacks and emulsions. Such properties allow it to flow easily through tight capillaries making it an internal treatment rather than a surface treatment for asphalt pavements where:
- It compensate for the aromatic compounds that might have been lost during the curing process and due to the oxidation reaction and UV attack.
- It minimizes the losses of the aromatics in the pavement and minimizes oxidation, and thus expected to increase the service life of the pavement by two folds.
- It enhances the adhesion property and bonding strength between the pavement elements especially with the aggregates, thus dramatically reduces displacement and detachment as well as spontaneous emulsification due to moisture presence.
- It reduces the porosity of the pavement by sealing tiny voids from the surface side.

ASP-WB results in a significant increase in the stability and the resistance to deformation of asphalt pavements as it also keeps treated pavements internally and externally dry, thus eliminates all water and moisture associated problems. Therefore, it prolongs the life span of the asphalt pavements and dramatically reduces maintenance cost.

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